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Well hello PossE, This is Jaime the proclaimed, acclaimed "Make Out Queen" (I mean what can I say?)

I would like to propose if we have this WONDERFUL community, that perhaps we work on the Posse page? It's a little out dated and the guest book is all wack! (I'm not talking regular type either--- this is full on wiggty wack!)

Some other interests I could think of were: 17 Frosties, picking up 11 boys at the beach, making our own clothes, roller skating, Big Lots, Rapping (oh yes), Our rapper names ( but I can't remember them, you gotta remember you own!), rock climbing wall boy, The Ring (haha), SMITHFIELD, the world's largest ham biscuit, Vanilla Ice's appearance in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, The Used, Finch, Less than Jake, and random conversations.

Yay I love this community and this is only the second post!
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