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i love it when we're cruisin' together.

okay guys, i found some more cruises for comparison. so i was thinking that i like the idea of the jubilee boat trip a lot, because it's kinda cheap. the problem is, key west is kinda boring and that's one of the stops it makes- the other is nassau in the bahamas (nice), but two of the days we end up being at sea. great tanning days, let me tell you. these are all carnival because everyone else just sucks.

so, here's a rundown of the four that i like.

1. jubilee-leaves out of jacksonville. base price is $379. departure days within time range to go are july 24th and august 7th. two days at sea. FIVE nights, so six days.

2. jubilee- the exact same as above, just leaves on august 2nd and base price is $349.

3. fantasy- leaves out of orlando. base price is $229. departure days within range are july 25th, august 1, and august 8th. the 8th might be a stretch. no days at sea- one day in freeport, two days in nassau. only FOUR nights, which is sucky but it's also the cheapest.

4. sensation- leaves out of tampa. base price is $349. departure days to go within time range are july 24th and august 7th. two days at sea plus the grand caymen, carmen beach, and cozumel (a great deal this one seems to be...). also, FIVE nights.

here's my handy-dandy comparison chart.

so um...that's all. oh wait! my dad said that if we do a jacksonville trip, it would be easiest for us to drive and save money by not buying plane tickets (like...$300-400 a person saved!) because the suburban is huge and jacksonville is the closest to us. i'm not sure about the ones out of orlando or tampa if he would drive us or not. we would need at least one other parent besides my dad, because it's most likely to be just four of us again (eliza has shown no interest yet, but kendall has..) and we'll need to have two rooms. probably a dad that my dad knows/likes, unless we don't want my dad coming and then someone else's family members can be our guardians.

aaaand, i'm done.
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